Ten things to do this Autumn to reduce stress

1. Go on a country walk

Even if you can’t get to the countryside a walk around your local park can be really good for relieving stress. It gives your mind space to think and to really rationalise any of your crazy thoughts and also takes you away from social media for a while. If you make it a fairly speedy walk it will also induce endorphins, which are known for reducing stress.

2. Read a book 

I really believe that in this day and age one of the main stress inducers is too much screen time. Even though we all thrive off it we do all need to take a break from it now and again and escape into a different world. Whether it’s non-fiction or fiction it is important to broaden your mind through literature so that you not only have great conversation but also so that your world views are well informed.

3. Duvet time

Some days all you want to do it curl up in your duvet and not leave your bed, and some days it’s ok to allow yourself that. Even it’s just half an hour it can help just to totally relax your body.

4. Herbal tea

Caffeine-free herbal teas are a great way to enjoy a hot drink in the cooler weather. Caffeine-free drinks are perfect for keeping your anxiety levels steady and don’t overwork your mind.

5. Stop thinking about goals

A main reason for my stress can often be too much self-evaluation of future goals. Worrying that I haven’t reached the goals I’ve wanted to or that I can’t set goals that are achievable. It’s good to just have a day where you agree with yourself that you are just going to be grateful for what you have achieved and to live in the present.

6. Schedule days at home

We all make plans to meet up with friends and family but not so many of us make plans to have a day at home. It’s great for clearing your mind, getting on top of your life admin that’s been bugging you and to just chill.

7. Get a takeaway

Sometimes even the thought of cooking or deciding on what to eat for dinner can be too much when you’re having a bad day, so treat yourself to a takeaway once in a while.

8. Indulge in hot lunches

There’s nothing quite like having a hot soup or stew for lunch on a cold Autumn day. For some reason I find this type of food quite soothing.

9. Give yourself a hand massage

Take some hand cream and massage your hands. I read it in a book once as a tip for de-stressing and now I do it all the time at work, it really helps.

10. Watch your favourite film

Finally what better way to spend the dark evenings that cosying up and watching your favourite film.

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