Five reasons why I don’t eat meat

1. I don’t like the idea of another being suffering for no reason

Aged 10 I was shown a video of caged chickens at school and from then on I never ate meat again. I can’t bear the thought of an animal being mutilated and killed purely for the enjoyment of taste. It’s completely unacceptable to do this to another human so why do we do it to animals?

2. There are no health benefits to eating meat

Meat products are pumped with hormones, which can increase a risk in cancer, especially processed meats. There are plenty of alternative protein sources if that is what you are worried about, such as plants… where do you think animals get their protein from?

3. It is expensive

Whenever I go to a restaurant I notice this the most, a steak is always the most expensive thing on the menu. Eating veggie could really help your budget.

4. There are more health scares with animal products than anything else

BSE being the most terrifying. In 2016 people in Britain still caught the disease, it isn’t something that has died out as it were. More information here.

5. I find the idea of eating animals repulsive

I can’t even think about putting meat in my mouth it makes me feel physically sick. On the occasion that I have accidentally taken a bite of something with meat it in it has made me gag and I’ve had to spit it out.

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