My grandparents’ garden: a poem

Birmingham to London in the 1960s

The big move to the big smoke with two young children

The house was purchased for the sum of 3,000

The garden as long as two blue whales

The meeting place

A swimming pool

A vegetable garden

A place to run around in the rain

It provided for the family

The best carrots

The caterpillars in the raspberries

It hosted the family

For cartwheels

For cake

It became a children’s party

An Easter egg hunt

A place to share secrets

Then a Green party

An 80th birthday party

A sanctuary

Now it is a burden

The party wall providing an unwanted barrier to selling part of it off

The greenhouse no longer growing cucumbers and tomatoes

But the birds still come to feed and bathe

New life is

And the memories never go unforgotten.


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