Thoughts on Autumn and climate change

Autumn is a funny time of year. It’s the time when you start to venture out of the house a little less, the long light evenings aren’t beckoning you out and the cold ushers you away from wanting to exercise outside. It becomes acceptable to ask strangers for treats and throw explosions into the sky.

This summer I bought a bike. I rode it twice a week, it was an absolute joy. It helped me reduce my stress levels in the run up to my wedding and get in shape for it too. Now I haven’t ridden it for over a month. The dark evenings mean I can’t really ride it after work and at the weekend the wind and the rain dampen my enthusiasm for it. I’ve been for a run instead but I yearn for those summer days I can peddle fast down the canal path and into the countryside.

Yet, the summer days brought with them noise, all the neighbours’ kids running around screaming and shouting, trying to read a book in peace was a far flung pipe dream, then the heat became unbearable. Those days when it was tropical weather in a country not used to high temperatures, and my office without air conditioning was a sauna.

I am looking forward to winter, I love the colours of Autumn, but not the indecisiveness of it. ‘Is it coat weather today?’ my husband asks. I have no idea, it’s Autumn. I want to know whether to wear my winter coat and if I need to be putting the boiler on timer. But I guess with climate change these uncertainties will get ever more frequent. Warmer winters will come and colder summers will arrive.

So I’m trying to enjoy the seasons whilst they have a fraction of distinction between one another. I’ll keep recycling, using my reusable water bottle and doing what I can but the sad truth is we’ve ruined this planet, and whilst every blogger in the world is posting their Autumn leaf photos I hope people take a moment to appreciate that the characteristics of the seasons we know may not be around for long if we don’t all take responsibility and do our bit.

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