What photography can teach you about life

I took the above photo a few months ago and have been wary to post it as it’s not particularly beautiful, but it is interesting. I took it because I’ve never seen a snail and a bee in such close proximity to one another and neither have I seen a snail resting on what appears to be such a delicate and weak petal. When I started to think about this week’s blog post I knew immediately this could be a good photograph to accompany it.

What I want to talk to you about today is what photography can teach you about life, and what I mean by that is that some of the principles of photography apply to life in general as well. Recently I got a new job by putting some of the following principles into practice. They helped me change my life and hopefully they might be able to help you change your life too.

1. Attention to detail is key

With photography if you’re not scouring the planet for little details others haven’t picked up on then you’re not going to get very far. It is about finding those moments and knowing when to press the shutter in order to get the most arresting photographs. This can apply to anything else in life – if you pay attention to detail and try and go the extra mile you are bound to see it pay dividends.

2. Focus is important

Trying to get that shot in focus and deciding which part of the photograph you want in focus is a good analogy to use when thinking about life plans. If you try and do everything at once you might not succeed but if you focus and try to accomplish one of your goals at one time you are more likely to win.

3. Look close up and at the bigger picture

There are lots of different things to think about when taking photos and two major aspects are deciding whether you want to take a photo close up or far away. Are you shooting a landscape or a close up of a flower? Again, two important ways to look at life. It’s important to focus on the detail but it is also imperative to look at the bigger picture.

4. Keep abreast of developments in technology

It’s important with photography to know what applications and equipment is out there. Not so that you can buy it but so that you know how other photographers are achieving the photographs that they are. Like in life – some people will go further due to the access to new technologies that they have but transparency is key.

5. The most expensive camera doesn’t make you the best photographer

And finally, the most expensive camera will not make you the best photographer, some of the best photos I have seen have been taken with a camera phone. It is about creativity and educating yourself about the equipment you have access to. Like in life, just because you’ve had an expensive education it does not mean you will automatically go further in life than someone who has had a free education. The internet provides us with so much access to free education and learning resources.

I hope this is helpful in some way, are there any photography tips you can share that also provide good life advice?

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